Experience Design Studio 001


February 25, 2024    
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Moos Berlin
Moosdorfstraße 7-9, Berlin

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A space is inert.
Its stories gives it life.

EDS is a fusion of music, ritual, and design
theory in action, inviting the MOOS
community (and beyond) to come
together in exploring new dimensions of
cocreation and correlation. EDS 001 marks
the inception of a series of exploratory
experiments into the potential of intentional experience design.

What is a story?
What is my story?
What is your story?
What is our story?

EDS001 will explore dynamics of ritual,
flow, and narrative through four hours of
guided and unguided programming, while
also celebrating the stories of this space
and its stewards.
The evening
will include interactive
workshops, music (3 DJs), compassionate
dialogue, and innovative forms of
storytelling. Together we will unbox and
experiment/play with Loob(beta): our
pioneering collective journaling toy/ol.

Where do you see the future of MOOS?
How is the infrastructure of MOOS shaping
How do you steward this space in a
community-first approach?


Donation : sliding scale of 10-15 euros for the

evenings program

Community fund : larger donations that will go to

the current sustainability efforts of MOOS

Reciprocity: deeper community engagement

through our timesharing equity plan (learn more



25/02/2024 18: 00
moosdorfstr. 7-9
12435 berlin