Bioenergetic and Ecopoetic Workshop


September 27, 2024 - September 29, 2024    
All Day


Moos Berlin
Moosdorfstraße 7-9, Berlin

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By Susana Yasan and Adrian Cangi

A multidisciplinary team from Argentina invite you to the next event/experience/lab “Thriving Earthlings – Verwurzelte Heilung” happening on 27-29 Sep at Moos Space:

“Our bodies and the current world are changing and creating new ways of experiencing life. At the same time, the way we live is breaking down and this affects our relationships with other people and the environment. This moment invites us to take care of these changes and proposes a kind of gentle revolution through sensory experiences.

We want to invite you to a creative and emotional process. People from different specialties will join with artists to create a space and time where everyone can experience how to heal wounds and traumas in the community. If traumas are bad things that we return to again and again, soft and kind relationships can help us overcome those traumas.

We propose trying different movements, emotions, and ways of breathing that help us leave behind bad habits and blocks. We will use interventions with sounds, images, and physical contact to activate our vital energy. We will play and provoke with the space using artistic and ecological actions, using remnants and energies from nature to remind us that we are alive and constantly changing.

In summary, we invite you to participate in an experience where you can explore new ways of living, healing, and connecting with others and the world in a creative and conscious way. Are you alive?”

The workshop will take place in a 6-hour session during 3 days during and intensive weekend (27th – 29th of September)

Some acclarations:

-We are happy to offer a 20% discount to the Moos Community. Please, note that on your registration.

-The event would be host in Spanish with instant Translation into English and if necessary to Deutsch.