The Cosy Guidebook

We are currently testing our new beta platform and are happy about any feedback.

Step 1: Complete your profile

We shape Cosyland together and the first contribution you can make is completing your profile with a photo and a meaningful description.

If you are logged in, you can just click on your name on the top right to get to your profile. From there, you can find the tab to edit your profile just below your picture.

On the activity tab, you can share updates, photos, videos etc.

Step 2: Connect with friends

You can connect with people in Cosyland by sending them a friend request, for example on the member list or in a group. Please only send requests to people who you know in person and please treat everyone with respect in care.

Check for Updates

On the Updates page you can see the updates from everyone, or choose the tab to see updates from your friends or the groups you joined.

If you mark specific discussions or posts as favorites, you can find them under the tab “My Favorites”.

Creating an event

In Cosyland, want to make it easy for people to find meaningful events and workshops that help us healing our capacity to cooperate sincerely and practice awareness.

You can post your own events or workshops by using our simple form.

If you are admin or moderator of one or more groups, you can connect your event to a specific group and thereby share it will all of the groups members. (See below on how to create a group)

You can also allow bookings of your event here on the Cosyland platform. You can define different ticket types and decide for each how many places can be booked. Leave the price at 0.00 to make it a free event.

Note that so far no payments can be done through the Cosyland platform. If someone books a ticket for your event, you will get notified via email and it is up to you to collect the payment.

Creating a group

Groups allow people to connect to each other in Cosyland. You can create one of four group types:

  • Communities: For groups of people with meaningful connections.
  • Organizations: For example for companies, cooperatives, collectives, or NGOs.
  • Activity Groups: For groups of people who want to meet regularly around specific activities.
  • Topic Groups: For groups of people who want to regularly discuss specific topics.

You can define who will see your group and who can request to join. You can later change this and other settings through the manage tab on your groups page.

Help creating Cosyland

If you are interested in helping to create Cosyland and improve our platform, you can join the Cosyland Creators group.

You can also contribute by making suggestions through the feedback form.

And you can invite new people to Cosyland of whom you know that they are interested in healing our capacity for cooperating sincerely.

Just send them the registration link:

Join the Cosyland Association

Our platform aims to enable people and communities to connect in reality. It is therefore run by a non-profit association to make sure that we will never try to maximize anyone’s screen time.

If you are interested becoming a member of the Association (a German “Verein” registered as a non-profit in Berlin), please reach out.